world peace follows inner peace *1)

Terra Viva is based on the vision of a future-world in balance:
People live harmoniously together in balance with and as a part of the eco system. They have found inner peace and thus also achieved world peace.
Social justice has been reached on a global level, as people have drastically limited their excessive consumption of resources, following Mahatma Gandhis words: ‘The world has enough for everyone's need, but not enough for everyone's greed.’ Poverty and hunger have been defeated - everyone is now living a modest but happy life. Nature is regenerating; the wounds of the Earth are healing.

People have taken over radical responsibility for all parts of their lives, contributing to a new transformative culture. Society consists of empowered citizens holding responsible positions according to their skills as a service to the community. They use their power mindfully, express their creativity joyfully, share their gifts happily and receive the gifts of life gratefully. Numerous intentional communities have formed all over the planet; people living together in a mindful and sustainable way.

bright future *3)

Everyone fulfils his/her potential and plays a unique role in life. The relations among people are based on honesty, empathy, trust and appreciation. Thus unconditional love can easily be lived - without fear and demands and possession. Lifelong education and personal development play an important role in society; people never stop learning and growing.

earth care *4)

Over-exploitation, the extinction of species and the destruction of the last natural wildernesses on Earth have stopped. Nature is respected and protected. People use resources mindfully, reduce their consumption of things and eat only organic food. The ecological footprint of each Earth citizen has been reduced drastically.

Suffering of all living beings has been minimized as people have turned from rapists of the earth to earth healers.
Animals are no longer exploited, but treated by humans as equal beings with the same right to life and physical integrity.

one world *6)

Using Joanna Macys words:
The ‘Great Turning’ of the World has taken place: the ‘epochal transition from an industrial society committed to economic growth to a life-sustaining society committed to the healing and recovery of our world`. The beauty of life, nature and diversity is celebrated. The world is a better place now.