Our buildings should consum as few energy as possible. If we find a piece of land without a building we will build houses with natural materials like cob, straw, wood and natural insulation materials, and/or an earthship with reclaimed and recycled materials combined with natural materials. We aim to build „passive houses“ with a balance of energy in- and output. If we find a property with a house we will renew this house with natural materials and insulate it. The house or houses should be multifunctional objects – f.ex. not only for living inside, but also for harvesting rainwater from the roof, storing energy by considering the exposition to the sun, growing climbing plants on the walls like grape vines or having a green roof with herbs and flowers, serving us and the bees.

no chemicals!*2)

To safe water for the dry periods in summertime we want to build water retentions basins, especially for watering the garden. To reduce the amount of water we need, we will use compost toilets and be very mindful with the use of water for showers, cleaning, washing. We will imply a waste water system to clean our used water.

sun catcher*3)

The community is dedicated to sustainable and eco-friendly ways of living and using energy. Thus we will use solar energy and other renewable energies while being very mindful with the amount of energy we use. We will install solar/photovoltaic panels and wind turbines, build solar ovens and rocket stoves, biomass gasifier and solar showers. Using many facilities like kitchen, office, dining and sleeping rooms communally, we save a lot of energy compared to „normal“ one- or few-people households. Thus the community could also be off-grid.