inhaling nature *1)

Terra Viva is meant to be a piece of land surrounded by nature and integrating into nature. Living in close contact with nature nourishes us; it fills our souls because we´re originally a part of nature. Nature is our original home. Deep inside we still feel this. Studies have shown that nature indeed has a healing effect on us - being in nature, especially in forests, evidentially can help curing diseases. Modern civilization is sickening partly also because people have alienated so much from nature. Reconnecting to Mother Earth is essential in our times.

Living close to and in tune with nature is one of the most important things in Terra Viva. Being a part of the whole ecosystem, feeling a strong connection to everything that is alive makes us rediscover our own true nature. We feel more grounded and more alive when we are in nature.

wild soul *3)

We need nature and nature needs us. We need to live from natural resources and we depend on clean air, fresh water, healthy soil and intact ecosystems. Nature needs us to recognize its beauty, see its diversity, love its abundance and protect its uniqueness.

Terra Viva stands for a life connected to nature, to Mother Earth and to each other. It´s all about living & letting live, about respect to all beings and about letting life grow and flower in all its beauty & diversity. We invite people who visit Terra Viva to reconnect to the web of life.