nature heals us *1)

Terra Viva is a place that offers time and space to find deeply to oneself; to get grounded and to find inner balance and peace; to work on the own issues, to learn and to grow. Starting with self-love and self-appreciation authentic relations to others can form. Personal development is supported by the community.

Living a meaningful life is an important aspect of Terra Viva. Seeing what life really makes it worth living, what really gives us deep contentment and what motivates us to give our best in contributing to a better world. A world
with less suffering and destruction and more happiness and healing.

power of life*3)

When we are grounded, centred and happy we have
a lot of power to fight for life with love and care and
to take over radical responsibility for all our actions and potentials. Than we can move a lot and make a difference in the world.

In Terra Viva we use practical tools for personal development such as:

  • possibility management
  • family constellation
  • deep ecology
  • vision quest
  • meditation
  • rituals
  • yoga
  • and more...