Education is one of the main purposes of Terra Viva. It´s a place for people to come, to experience, to learn and to go home with full hearts, fed minds and touched souls. Thus it wants to be an inspiring model for people to change their lives to contribute to a transformative culture and a life-sustaining society.

Terra Viva will host volunteers from any countries to stay here for a longer time. And there will be open courses about: permaculture design, eco-village design, sustainable living, eco-construction, appropriate technologies, holistic health, yoga, possibility management, dragon dreaming, deep ecology,... see activities.


We will offer holistic courses combining several of these aspects - involving body, mind and soul; hand, head and heart. Many of these courses will be organized as one week or ten days retreats. While spending their time here, participants will enjoy the beautiful place, relish the healthy food and join in the Terra Viva community.

There might also be offers for school classes, for children and for families. Moreover there will be courses about environmental education for multipliers who want to apply their new knowledge and skill at their place as an environmental and natural educator for children, school classes and adults.

Terra Viva will be hosting the Metamorphosis Academy
- our educational institution for individual and global change.