garden work
eating together *1)

Terra Viva is formed by an intentional community. ┬┤Intentional┬┤ means that everyone shares the same vision. This vision is the driver to engage in a project that contributes its part to make the vision come true. A strong vision is the core of the project and the common ground of the community.

Living in community is beneficial and challenging at the same time. The community can bolster people if they authentically share their feelings. Natural tribes often have rituals in community that help people in hard times, or rituals to celebrate special incidents like birth and death or initiation.

fine time *3)

While these are beautiful rituals to embrace all shades of life, community can also stimulate to personal growth in challenging situations. For example people who trigger us to feel negative emotions are just messengers for unhealed parts of ourselves. We are all mirroring each other permanently unconsciously. Thus we are provoked to grow out of our bad habits and shadow sides and become more matured and balanced. The community supports all aspects of personal development. Conflicts are seen as a chance to reflect and to overcome own shadows.

Our practical community building methods/tools:
  • community building (Scott Peck)
  • transparent communication
  • non-violent communication
  • conflict resolution
  • forum
  • rituals
  • open space technology
  • sociocracy 3.0 for decision making