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Terra Viva is based on virtues like respect, appreciation, empathy, love and comprehension. This concerns also our relations to animals. We respect them, appreciate them, feel with them and are grateful for them enriching the world with their presence. They are part of the magnificent diversity of nature, of the colourful web of life.

Being integrated into the local ecosystem Terra Viva provides space for wild animals. The diverse organic gardens invite a variety of insects like bees, butterflies, spiders, as well as moles, hedgehogs and others. In permaculture-zone 5 of the property nature is protected in its wilderness - here also bigger wild animals can find a home.

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In Terra Viva domesticated animals live with us as respected beings and our friends that we take care for. They are allowed to live their lives in dignity - not as objects of exploitation. We acknowledge their ability to feel joy and pain, rage and fear just like we do.

...killing/eating *4)

All beings have the same right of life and integrity as we have; of living according to the own needs and desires. In Terra Viva no being shall suffer, no animal shall be killed or exploited or eaten by humans. ...Living and letting live, out of love, because life is sacred.

Therefore we try to follow these principles:
- no use & exploitation of animals, instead taking care for their well being
- no use of products coming from the exploitation of animals:
- food and drinks exclusively from vegetable origin; no meat, fish, dairies
- instead: organic veggies from the garden, sprouts, seeds, nuts, fruits...
- clothes, accessories and other things made out of vegetable origin
- no products tested on animals, f. ex. cosmetics or cleaning products
- vegan agriculture: respect & preservation of the living (“pest” included)