Terra Viva - holistic permaculture project

Let´s create an international eco-community with educational centre about living in tune with nature, permaculture & ecology, sustainable & responsible lifestyle, intrinsic values & personal development, awareness & individual spirituality, arts & creativity, connection to nature & to the whole web of life!

Core Values / Pillars:
1. ecology
-> permaculture, sustainability, self-sufficiency, low CO2-footprint (more)
2. community
-> intentional community incl. work on inter-personal processes (more)
3. education
-> educational centre hosting volunteers & course-participants (more)
4. holistic approach
-> individual & global change; body & mind & soul; inner growth (more)
5. connectivity
-> connection to nature, mother Earth and all living beings (more)
6. health & purity
-> healthy food & lifestyle, no drugs/intoxicants (more)


~ Terra Viva is a project for life in all its beauty and diversity.
For nature to flourish, for animals to live in peace and for humans
to live, work, create, experience, learn, grow, heal, share and celebrate.

~ It is also an intentional community dedicated to personal and collective growth, to authentic human relations based on trust, respect, empathy and appreciation and to radical responsibility for ourselves, for the environment and for other living beings.

~ In the project we aim for sustainability and self-sufficiency, use natural resources mindfully and try to reduce our ecological footprint as much as possible while living a simple, healthy and joyful life in tune with nature.

~ With creativity, music and arts we touch and inspire people and with educational and participative offers we engage them into a transformative culture.

~ Thus Terra Viva contributes to the great turning of the world from the old destructive to a new life supporting society.


The two existing eco-community-projects EOTOPIA (in France) and SUNSEED (in Spain) are beautiful models/best practice examples for Terra Viva. While SUNSEED has no permanent inhabitants but only temporary coordinators, assistants and volunteers from all over Europe, EOTOPIA is a community of people living permanently together. Both are about a simple, sustainable and happy life-style, about permaculture and communal life. Terra Viva could be something like a mixture of these two projects.

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